Saiqi sports, founded in 1992, has developed into a strong sports brand integrating product research and development, production management and channel operation, adhering to the spirit of "taking a letter as the root and people-oriented". Sales network throughout the country, products are exported to all parts of the world.

Since its founding, Saiqi has been concentrating on the independent research and development of sports products and science and technology. It provides customers with three main categories of main products, including sports clothes, sports shoes and sports accessories. Saiqi R & D and production base has always had more than 200 patents in R & D with rich international vision and leading innovation and development ability, and has brought the honor of "China well-known trademark", "world famous brand", "national inspection free product", "Chinese famous brand" and so on.

Strong enterprise strength is the support for the rapid rise of Saiqi sports brand. At present, Saiqi has two production bases: Fujian Quanzhou production base (South headquarters) and Henan Shangqiu production base (North headquarters). The two major production bases have introduced the most advanced production management concepts and international first-class production equipment, such as the automatic clothing suspension system production line and the shoe production line, which effectively guaranteed the timely supply of goods and strict quality control. Saiqi sports two major production base has a large scale of investment, with a total building area of about 380 thousand square meters. The annual production and processing capacity is 10 million sports clothing, 10 million pairs of sports shoes, 2 million cases and bags, and the annual output value is 3 billion yuan.

Over the years, Saiqi has persisted in taking up the mental resources of consumers with good reputation, and has been recognized by customers with the marketing concept of "price reality", "quality assurance", "design innovation" and "service satisfaction". Saiqi has been working with more than 10 strong media resources, such as CCTV, local TV and famous websites, and has sponsored the world women's volleyball, world men's Volleyball League, World Cup Badminton, international women's table tennis, world cup dive, world women's Basketball League, Asian Championship and Asian men's basketball champion. Competition, the US men's Professional Basketball League (NBA) and many other world-renowned events, efforts to enhance brand awareness.

While enhancing corporate strength and brand value, Saiqi is willing to shoulder social responsibilities, fulfill the obligations of corporate citizens and repay the society with gratitude. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Saiqi took the lead in contributing 5 million 200 thousand to the disaster area. In 2012, Saiqi set up the "Saiqi dream Grants Fund" and injected about 2000000 to support the poor college students in the whole society to enter their school. In addition, Saiqi has been adhering to the strategic cooperation agreement with many colleges and universities in China for a long time, constantly introducing professional talents and cultivating marketing talents, not only inject vitality into the enterprise, but also transport a large number of high-quality talents for the society.